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Lime Mortar Plastering

Lime Plastering

Mathieu & Mitchell has carried out an extensive range of projects which has involved the use of lime in mortar or paint. The proper specification for the work, using the correct materials, preparing the surface, mixing, application and aftercare are all equally important elements of any project. The experience and skill of the trade’s person carrying out the work is crucial for the successful completion and longevity of all lime work.

Brick & stone Lime mortar re-pointing

Pointing is vital in keeping masonry walls weather tight and if done badly the result can be disastrous both technically and visually. Pointing is intended to be sacrificial so that it decays in preference to the stone or brick; it therefore needs replacing from time to time. It's quite common to find that only some of the joints in a wall have decayed and in such cases only these joints should be re-pointed. If the mortar is carefully matched the patching will quickly weather to match the rest and it’s cheaper to re-point only those joints that need it rather than a whole wall.