Cut stone repairs at Gort Library

Cut stone repairs at Gort Library, (former Church of Ireland)
Gort, Co.GalwayClick Image to Open Gallery

Conservation remedial works to Church Tower and Pinnacles.

Attributed to the architect James Pain the church was built circa. 1810. The work involved the stabilisation of the stonework at parapet level, including parapet walls, turrets and pinnacles. Stones were clearly numbered using crayon/water based paint and photographed prior to dismantling to ensure accurate reinstatement.

Merlons were pinned in position using stainless steel pins and re-bedded in lime/sand mortar. Cracks in individual stones were injected with Sikadur 52. Stone grafting took place on a number of stones. A limecrete screed was laid in the gutter area behind the parapet as most of the original base had been eroded. On completion of stone repairs a certified Fall Arrest System in stainless steel was fitted at parapet level.