Mathieu & Mitchell Ltd. New Build, Extensions, Conservation and Facade Work


Health and Safety Policy

Mathieu & Mitchell Ltd operates a Safety and Health policy in compliance with the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006 (SI No. 504 of 2006).
Our Safety Management system incorporates a structured, systematic approach addressing information and advice dissemination, safety inspections and audits and safety training for all staff. The Company employs the services of an external Professional Safety Advisor from ‘All in Health And Safety Services Ltd’ who carries out inspection and audit functions in accordance with all current legislation guidelines.

The Company ensures compliance with the Safety and Health Plan as it remains a live document for the duration of each project. Each section of a project is subject to specific risk assessments for the task being carried out. Persons carrying out the tasks must comply with the control measures in place or any additional control measures identified specific to the task.

All staff members and subcontractors are issued with a copy of our Safety Statement prior to any works commencing or before any contractor is appointed. The Safety Statement must be signed to confirm that all persons have read our statement and understand its contents. A copy of all subcontractors Safety Statements must be forwarded to us before any works commence.

Mathieu & Mitchell Ltd has a clean record with regard to accidents, injuries and dangerous occurrences on site and has never been prosecuted for any breaches of health and safety legislation.

Quality Assurance

Mathieu & Mitchell Ltd is committed to the provision of works of a consistently high quality that fully meets our customers’ requirements and expectations while contributing to the long term survival of national architectural heritage.

Quality control functions of our Company, which are continually developed, include the following:

Initial research and preparation for works is carried out, and, where necessary, in conjunction with a Grade 1 or Grade 2 conservation Architect, Engineer or Building Surveyor

During the course of the project weekly site meetings and on-site workshops take place that enable collaboration and input from all stakeholders on devising appropriate works

Training for new staff is provided where required

Our highly trained staff has extensive experience and can effectively deal with changing situations or unanticipated site conditions. They have the ability to accept or propose changes of methodology required to minimise intervention or to do things more than one way.

Our investment in personnel who are highly skilled in all building works and have understanding and sensitivity of approach in the area of conservation and restoration ensures the work is carried out by craftspeople who are used to working with historic materials and familiar with traditional construction methods, adhering to the principle of minimum intervention and general conservation guidelines.

Our knowledge of the market for specialist skills, materials or components is enhanced by

Visiting manufacturers/suppliers regularly

Maintaining contact with technical advisors in the related fields (e.g. one of our overseas contacts is the Technical Advisor for Socli, the largest lime manufacturer in Europe who provides information on new product testing and best practice).

Membership of various professional organisations such as the Irish Georgian Society and BLFI

Maintaining an apprentice exchange agreement with Guilds in France – Association des Campagnons du Devoir.

Our aim is to ensure that the most important surviving evidence for our built heritage is preserved as far as possible in the state in which it comes to us and is passed on to future generations without further change or loss of evidence

Environmental Management

Mathieu & Mitchell Ltd is currently developing its Environmental Policy Statement which will detail the company strategy identified that minimises the impact of our activities on the environment. The Company is committed to ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements that relate to environmental legislation. Currently:

Risk Assessments and Method Statements are applied to each phase of a project and address environmental issues as they apply.

All general waste is currently disposed of via the services of a licenced Skip Operator.

Waste volume is reduced by evaluating operations for efficiency and waste reduction e.g. Stock control and logging of expiry dates on raw materials assists in minimising the amount of material requiring disposal.

Professional qualified personnel are employed to advise on removal of environmental hazards such as lead paint, asbestos and other hazardous materials if identified via the site inspection or during works.